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Get Appy Posted On 15 November 2021

Must-have Apps for New Homeowners

Congratulations, you’ve purchased your new home! And you’re surely sick to death by paperwork by now. Luckily, there are apps which will reduce the amount of paperwork in your life and set you on the right track in your new home owning journey. Check out the top apps you need to know about.


Centriq is a gem of an app and won the National Association of Home Builders ‘Game Changer’ award. Centriq makes home maintenance, and managing the products in your home, such as appliances, easy. If anything in your new home needs fixing, simply take a picture of the product label, upload it to the app and the app fetches the user manual, troubleshooting guides, a list of parts, how to videos, and more.


Moved manages the entire moving process for you. The app is a one-stop shop for your move. It will organise your move every step of the way, from finding movers, hiring packers and selling unwanted items, to updating your address and even hiring cleaners and painters.


iScape is a dream come true for the design challenged among us. Take a picture of your outdoor space and the app will help you visualise potential improvements through augmented reality. You can experiment with different kinds of flowers, shrubs, and furniture before you commit to buying them.

DIY Tip Genius

Often get the itch to personalise your homes with DIY projects from small tweaks to repainting and more? The Family Handyman magazine created the DIY Tip Genius app to provide thousands of tips for a variety of DIY projects, including a “Tip of the Day” and ideas for home projects for every skill level.

Home Routines

While not solely devoted to home maintenance, the HomeRoutines app provides a simplified way to keep track of all your tasks. Many of those tasks relate to keeping your home clean — from sweeping the floor to cleaning out the fish tank! The app also reminds you about organisational tasks such as checking on your homeowner’s insurance or even a reminder to pay your utility bills.

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