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Keep celebrating with the ones you love Posted On 03 April 2020

Don’t let lockdown stop you from celebrating the special events in your life with our handy guide…

If you or a loved one has a birthday or another special event while stuck in lockdown, don’t despair, you can still throw them a party and make their day special. There are many ways you can put a smile on a loved one’s face during this difficult time.



 Amazon is still delivering, although delivery dates may be extended. You will be able to order presents online to help follow the guidelines from the government and avoid shopping trips. This is the same for a lot of High Street stores who have gone online too.

When ordering presents, why not buy something to help keep someone entertained during the lockdown such as books, jigsaw puzzles, audiobooks, Netflix or Disney+ subscriptions and computer games.



 If it is a sunny day, why not order some bunting and decorate your garden. Although it is still early in the year, you could cook your loved ones a special birthday BBQ and have cocktails in the garden or mocktails for the little ones. Inside, you can get balloons, indoor bunting and party poppers.


Friends and Family

 With Skype, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Zoom all readily available, why not arrange a surprise group video chat to help put a smile on your loved one’s face. Keep the conversation happy and fun, and for a few hours, avoid talking about the news! You could play a game online or even organize a quiz.



 You may be on lockdown as a couple, or with children, either way you can get everyone involved by baking your own birthday cake and getting the kids to decorate it. In the evening, cook your loved one their favourite meal, open a bottle of your favourite drink and settle down on the sofa with their favourite film, or one of the early releases on Video on Demand. Get the popcorn in and make it just like a cinema date!


Just because we are on lockdown, there is no reason why you can’t make your loved one’s special day as perfect as possible!

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