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Looking Dapper Posted On 07 June 2021

Advice for looking your best on Father’s Day


This Father’s Day men can once again venture into nearby pubs and restaurants with their loved ones and so, a little thought should be given to attire. The loved and lived in lounge pants favoured in lock-down should remain locked down and indoors with some more thought being given to outfits.

Compared to women’s fashion, men’s is always slightly limited, how many times have you seen the shirt and jeans fail-safe combo relied upon? Whilst this look has its place, the sparser nature of men’s options means it is easy to don a pulled together look with little effort, whilst still standing out from the crowd.

First up: know your size, perhaps lockdown has had you embarking on a new fitness regime or perhaps you’ve been more stationary that usual? Either way, check your size. Secondly, think tonal. Having a simple colour palette in your wardrobe ensures almost all pieces can be worn together. Make space for a couple of investment pieces, a fitted blazer or leather bomber will pull together any outfit. In summer, blazers in particular look great paired with t-shirts. Keep both slim fitting and partner with slim chinos, jeans or shorts. Trainers or boat shoes will both work with this look.

Accessorise: with a simple tonal wardrobe, your accessories can be bolder- a classic timepiece, chunky metal bands or a signer ring are all great places to start.  Beware of ‘over branding’, whilst a subtle logo or name can add a more decorative touch to an otherwise plain t-shirt or polo, being able to read which brand you’re sporting from half-way down the street doesn’t scream sophisticated and mature.

Finally, don’t forget grooming. Make sure any facial hair is neatly trimmed, moisturise to prevent dry skin and add the finishing touch to your outfit with a spritz of fragrance (woody, earthy tones are big this summer).

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