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Shabby Chic Posted On 30 September 2021

How to get it right


Shabby chic décor can look fantastic, the perfect blend of stylish and homely with a delicate colour palette. Conversely, it can look messy and unfinished. Here’s how to get it right.


What is it?

Shabby chic is an interior style that focuses on anachronistic vintage furniture with a distressed or wear-and-tear look. Expect to see an abundance of white, floral prints and natural textures. Shabby chic draws inspiration from French design but isn’t attributed to a particular period. In fact, embracing shabby chic often means showcasing an eclectic mixture of furniture from different periods. Shabby chic décor will leave your home feeling calming and open and will add a delicate, feminine touch.


What should you do?

Firstly, avoid dark or saturate hues. The look you’re going for here embraces pastel, washed-out tones. Due to the use of these pale tones, choosing shabby chic décor will result in an airier feel to your home and can help smaller rooms appear larger than they actually are. As well as opting for mint greens, powder blues and dusky pinks, choose to accent with natural materials such as wood and cork.


One benefit to this style is that any imperfections are embraced. Chipped furniture? Adds to the charm. A discoloured door? Ideal for your aesthetic. It is also easy to use any of your existing furniture pieces. By sanding them down, painting with chalk paint and perhaps switching over handles or fastenings, almost any piece can blend into this look. Any piece you have (or can source) which include spirals, curlicues or engraved carvings will add an element of textural charm and authenticity to the piece.


Once you have the main elements of your home or room chosen, you can add the finishing touches which will help bring all your chosen elements together. Why not try:

  • Rose prints
  • Fresh or dried flowers
  • Ladders
  • Distressed suitcases
  • Decorative bird cages
  • Lace curtains or accents
  • Small tables or nightstands


One final thing to consider is to try to think beyond current trends. Doing so will enable you to create a shabby chic home which will feel calm, elegant, cosy, and comfortable for years to come.

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