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To Shed Or Not To Shed Posted On 17 November 2021

All you need to know before choosing your Shed
A garden shed is undoubtedly a useful addition to any garden. Before you choose your new shed, it’s important to think about what you want to use it for and where best to put it.
First to consider is a design. It might be worth investing in a bespoke shed, particularly if you have an unusual shape or space that you are looking to fill. A good designer will work with you to craft something which fits the garden. Peter Reader of Peter Reader Landscapes advises, “Think about logistics, too – aspects such as head room, door width, and whether you want a wood floor or a window”.
Next to consider are materials. Treated wooden sheds are the cheapest option and are widely available. However, if security is a concern, it might be worth considering a metal shed which can be securely locked and often comes with methods of fixing them securely to the ground. Peter Reader explains, “If you’re looking for minimal maintenance and longevity, then sheds made from composite materials are a good option.”
When you’re deciding where to place your shed, consider access and how frequently the shed will be used. There’s no point shoehorning it into a tight corner if you’ll struggle to take heavy or awkward items in and out. In terms of shed maintenance, being able to access the shed from all sides is ideal but if space doesn’t allow, ensure that there is room for arm circulation at the least.
If you want power and lighting in your shed, speak to a qualified electrician to install what you require. Another option to consider is to attach a water butt to the side so you can use the collected rainwater in your garden, saving on your water bill.
The final job is to ensure you have prepped the area the shed will be placed onto correctly. A reinforced concrete base laid over a compacted aggregate is best, but you could opt for a compacted MOT base on its own if your shed is small.
Once you’ve decided on your requirements, get searching for your perfect shed!
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